4. Forming Light Families

The fourth simple, but very powerful, thing that you can do to assist in “anchoring the Light” is forming Light Families. This concept also came out of the New Beginning Circle as planting Light Trees did. The concept has been developing over time, as we have been planting Light Trees, discovering new ways to support each other from the Light Circle gatherings, and being there for each other whenever the need arose.
The best way to describe this concept is to give an example. Let’s say that you and some of your friends have a common interest in helping the planet, in learning ways to develop one’s own self-healing, and assisting each other as needed. You could form a Light Family. The concept starts off very simply, each person in a Light Family has a Light Tree planted. Each one’s home is a dedicated space, anchoring the Light. Each one in the Light Family sends the Light and connects to all the other Light Trees each day. Often in these daily Light Meditations, some impression will come for the person to send some extra Light to the person, persons or a special situation in that home. Just sending the Light may be the appropriate thing to do. Maybe the impression is to contact the person and share a message, or it maybe to do some special act that comes to you as you connect with the Light Tree, family and home there.
This is one way of strengthening the connection between the Light Trees, and giving support to each other. Another way is to gather in Light Circles. This could be weekly, twice a month, or just whenever you wanted to. We gather at the Myers Park Spiritual Vortex weekly in the evening, and then on a Sunday afternoon for those that do not drive at night.
When we gather, we always start with a greeting and smudging. The format for a Light Circle is given below. The format often varies according to the energy of the evening, and the needs of those present.
Twice a month, we hold Light Circles, using the format. Twice a month, we open with the Light Invocation, sit and meditate for about 15 minutes, and then, let each one invite what they would like to have in the way of Light-balancing for themselves, another, or a situation. We do distant-healings. We do meditations on a situation and share the information and answers received. And, we do actual Light-balancing sessions in the healing room. It is a powerful evening, where we are supporting each other in whatever way is needed!
There is a lot to be learned as a practicing Lightweaver, balancing the light frequencies in your life. And, it is powerful to plant the Light Trees and share with each other. We will be developing this website to assist you in gaining this knowledge a step at the time! The Sponsoring Loved Ones in Light have given a series of Lightweaving lessons that we will start to put on this website as we can. Also, so much is happening each month now that we will be sharing new messages as they come!
If you would like to form a Light Family, just send us an e-mail, and we will work with you on it!
SETTING: The people are greeted at the door with a welcome, a hug, and they are smudged with cedar incense. We use stick incense. The smudging is an upward sweep with an aura fan, across the front, down each arm, over the head, with turning and repeating on the back.
We have oil lamps lit for the four directions on each side of the room, and an oil lamp or large candle on the center altar. The lights are indirect from other rooms; only the lamps and candles in the gathering room. We often have soft music or chants with drums playing while everyone is coming in. We do not have it on during the Circle.
The center altar is a round, glass table of wicker (no metal). On the table we have: a visualization/prayer box in the center, stones representing the four directions, and samples of the four elements. To the East, we have a red stone, for the sunrise and feathers for the element of air; to the South, we have a yellow stone, for the warmth of the sun at noon and summer day, the oil lamp, or a candle, for the element of fire; to the West, we have a dark stone for the sunset, and a sea shell with water for the element of water; and to the North, we have a white stone for the cold, and some earth artifacts (pine cones, leaves, other stones) for the element of earth. Often, people will bring crystals to be charged during the energy sessions, or just gifts of gratitude like pictures or flowers.
Our visualization/prayer box is made of clay and was a loving gift by a member of the group. Any box that feels right with a slit to put in visualizations/prayer requests will do. The Loved Ones in Light told us that purple ink on gold paper carried a strong vibration for activation during the Circle when we brought the Light into the box. We write the visualizations for the way we want to see the actions manifested. If we are unsure of how we want the outcome to be, we open it up by writing: “Sealed in the Light for the Highest Good, and for this we give great thanks. Aho!” We always write, “Sealed in the Light,” and “For this we give great thanks.” Giving thanks is the way that gifts are received. The visualizations are not read, just placed in the Light in the box. They are released by burning with a blessing, once a month on the New Moon.
Opening the Circle: We stand in a circle around the altar, holding hands with our thumbs turned to the left. We are circulating the Light in a clock-wise direction. We set up the Light Circle with our opening invocation, a vibrational formula, as our Sponsoring Loved Ones in Light call the words they give us for special uses:
The Pure White Light of the SourceLight surrounds us.
Only Good can come to us,
And only Good shall go from us.
We are in the Light,
And the Light is in us.
We are the Light.
And, for this we give great thanks. Aho!
The phrase Pure White Light without a definition may be used, or you may use whatever word(s) describe the Source of All/the One, to you. The Pure White Light, as we are using it, is undifferentiated potentiality. In the White Light are all the Power, all the Love, and all the Wisdom of the Universe. This is important to understand. We are not talking about just an energy, but Universal Intelligence, Love and Power, which connects to our mind, heart and body, respectively. The White Light is not impersonal, but omnipersonal, the total consciousness and beingness of the Universe.
We say, “Only Good can come to us” in recognition of only Good being in this White Light. We say, “Only Good shall go from us” in recognition of our Free Will, choosing to send out only Good. We visualize the Light in us, and around us. Setting up this Light Circle actually changes the frequency of the reality that we are in. And, we always give thanks. “Aho” is Native American for “and so it is.”
Balancing and Focusing the Light using the Medicine Wheel: The Medicine Wheel has long been used by the Native Americans in their rituals. It recognizes four sides for balance, a bringing to the center to create a vortex and focus, and the connection above and below. A great power wheel of the Light is created.
In this Circle of Light, we bring in the energies of
the elements, the peoples, and the directions.
We ask the Guardians of the Directions, who are the Four Winds,
The Archangels holding the four directions, and
Our Beloved Spirit Animals of the four directions, to come now,
And balance and focus the Wisdom, the Power and the Love of the Light
Into a Blessing for each one here, for this time and this place.
From the East, where the sun rises,
To the South, where the warmth comes from,
To the West, where the sunsets,
And to the North, where the cold comes from,
And back to the East where the sun rises again.
All things in circles and cycles and spirals,
All beginnings leading to endings,
Leading to new beginnings.
And this is what we are learning:
To flow in understanding and harmony with these cycles in our lives.
Our Lightweaving.
We, now, welcome the Loved Ones in Light,
Who want to come and be part of our Circle.
We appreciate your coming,
Bringing your love, support and inspirations.
The Loved Ones in Light who Sponsor this powerful Light Circle!
And the personal Loved Ones in Light of each one here:
Our beloved teachers, angels, guides, guardians, and ancestors!
And, we welcome any visiting Loved Ones in Light.
(take time to feel the warmth, love and support of the Loved Ones in Light, and send them love and appreciation.)
We, now, want to align our four bodies
to receive the balance of Light Frequencies,
and your love and support,
Again, calling in the Four Directions,
This time like a lightning bolt through our bodies.
We align: For the Physical, see the light to the East,
For the Emotional, feel the warmth of the South,
For the Mental, know the wisdom of the North,
And, for the Spiritual, make the Dream Connection of the West.
As Above; So Below,
As Below; So Above,
And into the Center of Power, and into the Center of Power Within each of us,
The Light Within.
(take time to sense and feel your own Light Within)
And for this, we give Great Thanks. Aho!
At this point, you will be feeling the connection very strongly, and the loving presence of the Loved Ones in Light will start to surround you like a wonderful nurturing cloud! Our main Sponsoring Loved Ones in Light at the Myers Park Spiritual Vortex are White Eagle, Blue Heron, Venerable Grandmother, and Grandfather Spotted Owl, with others joining in for special occasions like drumming. My sensing-in is that White Eagle and Blue Heron will be your overall sponsoring Spiritual Guides; representing the Father and Mother Spirits, and then, you will get others that will be specific and unique to your Circle. You will start to sense these as you continue to gather in your Circle.
Next, we do the recognition of the Light within us. We visualize a golden, white ball right in the area of our heart and solar plexus, realizing that we are already this Light by an endowment of the Light, that we are only strengthening our conscious concept of the Light and making a supportive connection with the Loved Ones in Light. We affirm that we understand that we are the Light by a gift. It is who we are. Then, we can visualize ourselves as a star of Light radiating out from this center, and we send this Light out through our hands to the others in the group, visualizing the Light flowing through everyone in the circle in a clockwise direction, from our left hand to the right hand of the person next to us, to their HeartLight, to their left hand, and on around through hands and hearts around the Circle. It is a powerful connection, above, below and around the Circle. Then, the facilitator starts with a hand to his/her heart, and to the heart of the person on their left, with, “From my heart to your heart, our Circle is connected,” and on around the Circle, until the last person, who says, “From my heart to your heart, our Circle is Complete!” And, the facilitator’s says, “And, for this we give great thanks! Aho!”
(Here we sit down.)
At this point, we often just sit and bathe in the Light, feeling complete, at peace, “home.” Sometimes, we sit silently, or with music, or I drum. Afterwards, we share what we have experienced. The format varies here. We can go into Filling with the Light as given in the next paragraph, do our Light Mission Work, or do Light-Balancing Sharing.
Filling Our Bodies with Light and Sharing it in the Circle : After sitting, we visualize a shimmering circle/cloud of White Light above our heads. It is vibrating and flowing in a clockwise direction. We visualize the Light raining down on us and also coming into our bodies through a cone of Light at the top of our heads. We affirm this filling by saying:
From the Circle of Light Above,
To our Circle of Light,
Light is Flowing,
In Great Power, In Great Love, and In Great Wisdom,
In Perfect Balance for this Time and this Place,
The Light Above joins the Light Within us.
And for this we give great thanks. Aho!
Then, we take in three great breaths of the Light, breathing out anything that does not feel like Light in our bodies. We see our exhale flowing away like a mist before the morning sun, just disappearing. Visualize and feel the Light coming in the top of your head, going into your head, neck, down into your lungs, organs of your torso, arms and legs. Really feel the Light circulating and spiraling all through your body. Any place that seems to resist the Light, take the time to really visualize and send the White Light there. Keep doing this until you sense the area becoming bright with the Light. Then, we often send the Light through our feet into our Beloved Mother Earth. Sending the Light down to the heart of the Mother. Sending her our love and appreciation, and receiving her love and support back. Then, sending the Light circuiting above again, repeating:
As Above; So Below,
And for this we give great thanks. Aho!
Sharing the Light over the Planet and into the Visualization Box (Light Mission Work): Next, we visualize the Light as a great field of White Light covering our Circle and including the Loved Ones in Light joining us. We see the field expanding and filling the room; the Light expanding and filling the area around where we are; then, moving on out and filling the continent. Then, we see our beautiful Mother Earth as a golden-white globe in our mind’s eye; the White Light Send. If any place comes to mind that needs Light, we send it there. Each person in the Circle speaks the names of places that come to mind, which need the Light. Then, we ask for people who come to mind to hold in the Light, and we speak their names. Lastly, we send a great vortex of golden, white Light into the visualization box. We affirm that we believe in the process of creation: a thought matrix, the heart’s intent, and empowered by the Light. We have been told that hosts of the Loved Ones in Light go out to bring inspirations and resources for the manifestation of these visualizations. We have had much evidence of this with marvelous manifestations of the visualizations. We have chants that we sing. And, we usually finish with a chant or song.
Meditation, Sharing and Closing: Here the format varies. We may do a 15-20 minute meditation, quietly holding the Light and energy for 15 to 20 minutes; or we may do a drumming journey or a healing session for each other. We often share any spiritual experiences that we have had during the week. We use a “talking stick” to pass around as people talk. (Another Native American custom.) Only the one holding the stick is to talk. At the end, we have a closing Circle, giving thanks for the Light and the love and support of the Loved Ones in Light; asking them to go with us as we go back into our lives and throughout the week, until we meet again. Often we sing a closing song. One of our favorites is a Native American Chant that we have adopted as the Lightweavers Theme Song. See below.
This description of our Light Circle is lovingly sent to any one Lightweaver or group of Lightweavers who would like to hold a Circle. Know that when you join in a Circle in the Light, that the connection of the Myers Park Spiritual Vortex and its Sponsors, and Light Family members are with you. We are forming LightLinks on the Light Network, by planting Light Trees in people’s home! These are amazing anchorers to the Mother Earth, and all the Light Trees are connected to each other, making a strong, supportive Network!. Once the connection is made in the Network of Light, it holds. Just let us know if you would like to Plant a Light Tree, and we will send you more information on this, and we will join in with you at a set date and time!
For all these Blessings in the Light, we give great thanks! Aho!