3. Planting Light Trees

The third simple, but very powerful, thing you can do to help yourself, others and the Beloved Mother Earth is planting Light Trees. And, here again, it is just as you intuit! At this time, during the rapid light frequency raisings that are going on for the planet, the main assistance that we can be is to “anchor the Light”, first in ourselves, and then, assist others and the Mother Earth as much as possible. This is where planting Light Trees comes in! The Light Trees anchor and hold the additional Light!
Here are some frequently asked questions about planting the Light Trees, and the process for doing it! After you have read these, and have a sense of what the Light Trees can do and how to plant one, if you would like to be part of the Light Network from the Mother Tree at the Myers Park Spiritual Network, just send us an e-mail, and we will set a time to join in with you as you plant your Light Tree, and we will send you the visions that we receive while planting the Light Tree with you! Your Light Tree will have a number in the Network, and be remembered each day in our Light Meditation where connection is made with each Light Tree!
Frequently Asked Questions:
How did the concept of planting Light Trees come about?
We had been having Light Circles at what we called the Gathering Place for over 15 years. In 2006, we took some time off for rebalancing and redirection. When it felt like time to restart the Light Circles again, we had a “New Beginning Circle” to see what the new redirection would look like. The Sponsoring Loved Ones in Light gave instructions for a circle of 4 women in the four cardinal directions, and 4 men in the four inner directions. At the closing of this Circle, one of the men in the Circle said, “ I saw a Light Tree being planted right in the middle of our Circle!” We went on to discuss what this meant, and later, there was the knowing that this was the initial planting or Mother Tree, and that we were to bless the homes of the various Light Family Members with connecting Light Trees. This concept expanded to reaching out to others as LightLinks to the Mother Tree, and all as part of the Network of Light, increasing in, on and around our Beloved Mother Earth.
Are you actually planting a tree?
No. The Light Tree is of higher frequencies, not an actual physical tree. Although, if the Light Tree is planted outdoors, planting a physical tree there would be an option. Most people are planting their tree in the living room or center of the house. We have had several trees that have roots outside the house, and then the canopy and branches fill the house with a beautiful light. Some have mostly a golden-white light; others brilliant emerald greens and iridescence!
Do I have to be present at Van Buren, where the Mother Tree is, to plant a Light Tree at my home?
No. We have planted Light Trees with the person present in their own home, rather than being in the Circle at Van Buren. We would have an agreed upon time. The one(s) in their home, and the ones in the Light Circle at Van Buren would invite the planting of the Light Tree. It works beautifully! Everyone records what he or she inwardly envisioned. We are compiling a database of the Light Tree plantings. We now have the Mother Tree and 40 LightLink Light Trees! This is the way that out of town Light Trees are planted! We have Light Trees from Milwaukee to Costa Rica; from New Orleans to New York! And, the number is growing!
What does planting and having a Light Tree do for me?
From our observations, it gives a wonderfully dedicated space with very high frequencies for continuous blessings. We have seen Light Trees do special administering to the sick by enfolding them in its branches. We have seen places in a home where there were dark areas be transmuted into bright golden, white Light! In one instance, we saw the Light Tree supporting the person’s bed on the second floor like cradling it where its boughs divided. In other words, the Light Trees are always at work supporting your Highest Good!
What does planting and having a Light Tree do for others in my family?
It is there for everyone in the household, even the wonderful pets! And, we have seen a branch of one tree go all the way across the country to bless the son and his family of a Light Family member. The branch just filled the house with Light. Now, this family is doing much better (a Light Tree from a Light Tree; a subset for outreach. We are noticing that almost all the Light Trees do this for people close to the homeowner!)
What does planting and having a Light Tree do for the planet?
The Light Trees are part of the Light Network around our Beloved Mother Earth. Each tree connects to all the other points where Light is being anchored on the planet, and thus, the Network is increased. Many years ago, I was given a vision of what the Light Network would look like when it was fuller. The vision of the Light areas was that it looked like covalent bonding where the fields of Light are strong and close; that they will overlap! This is when it will be strong enough to really bring about tremendous changes on our Beloved Mother Earth. And, this is a very important point, we are building the energy for there to be a strong Light Network to assist in the changes occurring in 2012!
What am I committing to? Is there any money involved? Is there some kind of ongoing obligation?
No. No money is involved. And, there isn’t any hard and fast commitments to do anything further than plant the Light Tree. However, you will get more from your Tree, if you will “water” it with Light Anchoring as often as possible. You would really feel some positive changes in your life if you would do the Light Anchoring each day. Taking the time to intentionally set up your Light Circle and fill your own body with Light, as you do the Light Vortex for your tree, and then doing the White Light Send, changes you and your life, and adds to the Network! What a wonderful gift to give to ourselves, others and our Beloved Mother Earth. This is explained in more detail in the “Process for Planting Light Trees” given by our Sponsoring Loved Ones in Light.
You mentioned “watering” the Light Tree, how does one go about doing that?
We “water” the Light Tree by sending the Light and our love to it. Start by setting up the Light Circle with the Invocation, call in the four directions, creating a power/Medicine Wheel, and then, see the great vortex of White Light coming down into the crown of your head, passing out your eyes and heart into the Light Tree. Feel the lifting love and well-being that comes with the connection. The Light Tree is also connected to this great vortex of White Light and will return the love and support to you. As you are feeling connected to the Light Tree, feel the Light circuiting from above you both into the Mother Earth and back up, creating a great sense of balance. When you feel fully connected and balanced with your Light Tree, expand out and connect with the other Light Trees. If you have time, read from the Light Tree Contact list and connect personally with each one. You will receive a great sense of how meaningful this all is in the Big Picture at this time. Continue on out to all the places on the Light Network around the globe. These are places where people of “knowing/good intent” are also anchoring the Light! You can continue on with a global White Light Send from this powerful and loving Light base that you have invited in! In connecting with the other Light Trees and the people there, you may sense a situation to send extra Light into. This is a powerful support that we can be for each other.
Process for Planting Your Light Tree:
When a person or group decides to plant a Light Tree, thus becoming a LightLink in the Light Network, they notify the Light Family at the Myers Park Spiritual Vortex, where the original Mother Light Tree is planted.
A date and time is decided upon when to plant the Light Tree. A Medicine Wheel is set up at the new place, in advance, preferably in the center of where Circles will be held, or in a special set aside area, which can be consecrated, if it is for an individual. The Medicine Wheel area needs to be left undisturbed in order to build the Light Frequencies for raising and balancing the Light in the area- thus giving a strong base to work from. Lay the stones as follows:
Red to the East, yellow to the South, dark to the West, and white to the North.
If you want to add the elements, air (feathers, depictions of birds, etc) to the East, fire (candle, lamp) to the South, water (sea shells, cup of water, water animals) to the West, and earth (rocks, crystals, nature elements) to the North.
If the Tree is to be planted at a distance where the Light Family cannot go physically, the person whose home it is will describe the Wheel; the location; surroundings; people and pets in the home, and any special features, in order for the Light Family gathered to visualize the setting as the Light Tree is planted.
The ceremony begins with setting up a Light Circle:
The Pure White Light of the SourceLight surrounds us.
Only Good can come to us, and only Good shall go from us.
We are in the Light and the Light is in us.
And for this we give great thanks. Aho!
The Light is then balanced and focused through calling in the four directions of the Medicine Wheel, which creates a great power vortex and focus:
From the East, where the sun rises.
To the South, where the warmth comes from.
To the West, where the sun sets.
To the North, where the cold come from,
And back to the East, where the sun rises again.
And for this we give great thanks. Aho!
Once the balanced and focused Light Reality is created, the Loved Ones in Light, who are to be part of the invitation and those sponsoring the Light Tree are invited in. Take time to feel the love and sense of well-being that comes with these nurturing Loved Ones in Light.
In this raised balance and focus, we want to consciously align our own four bodies, again using the four directions, but this time like a lightning bolt! This last calling in is to align the individuals in the home and the Light Family to the frequencies of the Sponsors and Light Tree.
For the physical, see the Light to the East.
For the emotional, feel the warmth of the South.
For the mental, know the wisdom of the North.
And, for the spiritual, make the dream connection of the West.
The Circle is connected by passing the Light to the left, from hand to heart , heart to hand through each one present. The group sits down at this point.
When the group is comfortably seated, the facilitator leads them in a quiet meditation to visualize where the Tree is to be planted. If the person whose Light Tree is to be planted is present, they will invite in the Tree; otherwise, the facilitator will give the invitation. When the moment is right, the Tree will be planted. The group sits quietly and allows the visioning of the occurrence as it takes place. Drumming may be done with the Sponsors to strengthen the planting. As each one envisions inviting in the Light Tree, when it seems right to them, they record these visions. When everyone is finished, the visions are shared. Copies of the visions are given to the homeowner, and the originals are put in the Light Tree LightLink Notebook. Ongoing events with this Tree and the Light Family there can then be added to the notebook as they occur.
Once a Light Tree is planted, it will need “watering” with the Light. Setting up a Light Circle and Medicine Wheel daily is preferable. Daily is best for the people there and the Light Tree, but as often at possible is good! Be sure to listen and receive the blessings of the Tree! Adding the White Light Send to the “watering” of the Tree carries out our Network Mission!
And, for these Blessings in the Light, we give great thanks! Aho!