2. The Medicine Wheel

The second simple, but powerful, step that you can do to help yourself, others and the Beloved Mother Earth, is laying out Medicine Wheels, circles of power to create vortexes and focuses for anchoring the Light in an area. The term Medicine Wheel was used to denote the power circles the Native Americans would create to consecrate an area. Different tribes used different colors of stones to lay out the circles. For simplicity, we have used natural colors that are easy to find in rocks and stones anywhere. You will need a red stone for the east, a yellow for the south, a dark stone for the west, and a white stone for the north.
The Medicine Wheels can be used as a Light Blessing for the earth to reclaim a damaged area. They can be used as home blessings; to set up a balanced Light Reality in your office or other place of work, and in just setting up a balanced Light Reality anyplace that you are going before you go there (this is just done in the mind since actual stones cannot be laid out.)
When laying out the stones for a Medicine Wheel, find a place where they can be placed and kept without disturbance in order for them to hold the power of the vortex and focus. Let’s say that you are going to do an earth blessing for an area. You could walk the perimeter and lay out the stones, or you could find a powerful tree to do the stones around. In your home, you could create a dedicated space to put them. You could also walk the perimeter of your property and set out stones in the four directions.
As in all Light Blessings, we start with setting up a balanced Light Reality by our heart’s intent. Stand facing the East and pronounce-
The Pure White Light of the SourceLight surrounds me(use us if a group).
Only Good can come to me.
And only Good shall go from me.
I am in the Light,
And the Light is in me.
I am the Light.
And, for this I give great thanks. Aho!
(aho means “and so it is.”)
Lay out the stones as follows:
In this Circle of Light, we bring in the energies of
the elements, the peoples, and the directions.
We ask the Guardians of the Directions, who are the Four Winds,
The Archangels holding the four directions, and
Our Beloved Spirit Animals of the four directions, to come now,
And balance and focus the Wisdom, the Power and the Love of the Light
Into a Special Blessing for this (land, home, office, etc.) and all who come here.
Lay the red stone to the East, proclaiming,
“To the East , where the sun rises,”
Lay the yellow stone to the South, proclaiming,
“To the South, where the warmth comes from,”
Lay the dark stone to the West, proclaiming,
“To the West, where the sunsets,”
Lay the white stone to the North, proclaiming,
“To the North, where the cold comes from,”
And back to the East where the sun rises again.
(if walking a perimeter and laying the stones, always come back to the East to complete the circle.
All things in circles and cycles and spirals,
All beginnings leading to endings,
Leading to new beginnings.
And this is what we are learning:
To flow in understanding and harmony with these cycles in our lives.
Our Lightweaving.
(If you are walking a perimeter, go to the center and proclaim,)
As Above; So Below,
As Below; So Above,
And into the Center of Power,
and into the Center of Power Within each of us,
The Light Within.
At this point, you will feel a great circling and focusing of power around the stones, and into the center and into you. Be still a moment and give great thanks. If you are blessing an area, you may hear birds singing, or feel a fresh breeze, or sense a special type of essence there. You may feel a sense of gratitude being sent back to you for doing this blessing. Please understand what a powerful, loving gift you have given by anchoring the Light in this way!
And for all these blessings in the Light we give great thanks! Aho!