Lightweaver History


The concept for the Light-Balancing Center came from the experiences of its founder and director, Rev. Laura Huff. She was born and raised in North Florida, and has a special love for this area and its majestic oak trees.

She received her BA in pre-Med from Florida State University. After working in biochemical research, and teaching biology and chemistry in high school, she returned to the University, receiving her Master’s Degree in Food and Nutrition. The latter part of her career was with the Florida Department of Education where she worked for over 25 years, until her retirement.

A number of health problems resulted from trying to pursue an education and a career, while raising a family of 4, which included twins. At one point, she had a near-death experience, where a great burst of energy brought her back! Later, she started realizing that she had expanded knowledge; remembering a “golden world” that she called “home.” One day a flow of energy came into her hands with the words, “We will give you a personal angel team to help you work with others.”

As a result of these experiences, she sought to learn more about the energy. After three years of study, she was ordained into the “Light of the World Ministry”, a non-denominational Christian Ministry. She has taken mediumship training at the Arthur Finley College in Stansted, England, and been initiated into the Reiki Master Energy.

From these experiences, and from the Loved Ones in Light, the Ones with whom she wrote the Light Balancing Study Series, she came to know that the house they lived in, which in now the Center, was built on a Spiritual Vortex where the light-frequencies can be changed more easily.

The Native Americans in this area recognized it as well, and designated it as Sacred Ground. Rev. Huff feels that it is a sacred trust to “hold the time, hold the space, and anchor the Light” at the Spiritual Vortex. The Mother Light Tree is planted here as the initial anchoring point of the Myers Park Light Network.