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Expansion of the Light Tree Network

Dear Light Family!
How exciting is the expansion of our Light Tree Network!
We do have over 100 Light Tree now! Just envision the Mother Light Tree at the Center and with all the additional Trees! Then, envision all the Trees connected to every other Tree!

That was the image that our Sponsors gave to me of how the Light Trees worked with each other. You can continue the vision by seeing the powerful roots of light beams flowing all through the Mother Earth, and the Golden-White canopies all above around the planet!

And, remember, that the weeks leading up to the Shift in 2012, we planted a Light Tree in each of the Earth’s Chakras:
Root at Mt, Shasta in California
Creative Center at Lake Titicaca, Peru
Power Center, the red monoliths in Australia
Heart Center, Glastonbury, England
Throat, in a triangle area around the Great Pyramid
The Third Eye, which rotates around the earth is now also at Glastonbury, England
The Crown Chakra in the Himalayas.

Each of the Light Trees is a Light Anchorer and forms a powerful vortex where they are planted!
Each person with a Light Tree has a spiritual vortex in their home, which makes it easier to raise to higher frequencies and thus facilitates our balance each day!
And, for these Light Trees we give great thanks! Aho!
And, if you would like to have one of these great Light Blessings in your home, just send me an e-mail. Look over the list and see where there is a blank space, which denotes the availability of that number to plant a Tree. Sense into what number resonates with you. We have found that numbers, dates, and special meanings all come together so well on these Trees; like birthdays, , special occurrences, your favorite number. One couple with the same birthday, planted their Tree on that date!
In the Wisdom, Love and Power of the Light to each of you!