Weekly Light Report for 12/15/2016, 4th Annual Light Family Post Shift DNA Alignment Activation, at next Tuesday’s Light Circle at 7 pm.

Dear Light Family,

Last week’s activities:

At last Tuesday’s Sacred Light Circle, we were discussing the Aligning with the Light and connection with Heart’s Intent.  The Oneness with the Source Light for the Heart’s Intent, and with that, our understanding that this brings forward creating goodness and beauty in our lives.  Anything we learn or experience flows from this Oneness with the Light.  Here are some blessings that people received last week:

We preceded with a drumming journey, which was guided by Blue Heron, and she is one of our sponsoring Shamanic guides in the Light.  Blue Heron was asked to come forward to help with expressions of our Heart’s Intent.  During our drumming journey/meditation, one person expressed a feeling of being “Myself!”, and an understanding of being a part of the Source Light.   Also, visualizing a green light, representing love and the healing power of love.  This feeling was extended toward family members and friends; also, expressing a feeling of “release” with focused attention to breathing.  Another person, expressed while things are happening, this is best done with a feeling of love and allowing things without judgment or not being so hard on ourselves.  In summary, Laura stated that, being one with the White Light has all the Wisdom, Love, and Power that we will ever need; truly accepting ourselves of where we are “right-here, right-now!”

For the rest of this week use this Vibrational Formula, moving on to the empowerment of your body.

Vibrational Formula for the Week:

Vibrational Formula for Aligning with the Light

In the Light of my Spirit, I am the Light!

In the Light of my Spirit, my mind is clear!

In the Light of my Spirit, my heart is loving!

In the Light of my Spirit, my body is empowered!

With this alignment, I know what to do!

I have the resources to do it!

And, I do it!

Giving great thanks! Aho!

Upcoming Events:

At this Tuesday’s Sacred Light Circle, at 7 pm, we will be celebrating our 4th Annual Light Family Post Shift DNA Alignment Activation.  An announcement was sent out yesterday about this important annual celebration.  Watch for more details on the background and the activities to occur at this celebration.  A special blessing will be that Lydia Riedell will be helping to set the Light Invitation for the Activation with sound.

Every Thursday is the Noon Meditation.  We start at 12:15 pm, in order to give you time to get there during your lunch hour.

Our new website name is Lightbalancing.org.  On this website are four things that you can do to help yourself, others, and Mother Earth right now.  There are instructions on:

1) how to set up a Light Circle,

2) how to lay out a Medicine Wheel,

3) how to do the White Light Send and

4) how to plant a Light Tree.

Please contact me if you would like to:

– Submit a request for the Light-Balancing/healing for any situation.  When submitting a Light Request through the love and support of the Light Family, these requests will be put in the Weekly Report, Facebook, our visualization box and brought to the Tuesday Circle, unless you desire confidentiality (then your name will not be mentioned).  If you choose confidentiality, please know the Light will know where to go!

Here is our current Light Request list:

-We have a request for sending love and support in the Light for someone starting a new job.

– A Light Family member, for the support of her family; good relations and ample financial supply.

– For another member, we would like to visualize a straight and supportive pain-free back and body.

– For another family, we need to send healing Light for more physical healing from surgery.

– Let’s remember to send Love and support in the Light to us all during this holiday season!

Also, please contact me if you would like to:

– Schedule a Light-Balancing session, or

-If you would like to plant a Light Tree as part of our Light Family Network.  Please e-mail me at ladylightweaver@gmail.com or call me at (850)443-3428.

Let us meet in the Light each day at noon for the White Light Send.

In the Wisdom, Love, and Power of the Light,

Laura and Sandy.