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Weekly Light Report 11/3/2016, Opening to Receive for Tuesday’s Sacred Light Circle at 7pm.

Dear Light Family,
Upcoming Activities:
Next Tuesday’s Sacred Light Circle at 7 pm., Continuing with the concept of manifestation.  We will be working on one of the “hold-backs” that came up at last week’s Circle, entitled “Opening to Receive.”  The Loved Ones in Light have told us “we cannot give you what you will not accept.”
Thursday’s noon meditation, we will open Circle at 12:15 pm to give you time to get there before we start.  This is a twenty-minute silent meditation.
On Saturday, November 12, 1:30 – 4 pm, we will have the Light Infusion Class, Lesson 7.
The second Sunday in November, which will be the !3th, from 2 – 4 pm, we will be beginning Module 2 of the Light-Balancing Study Series, “The Lightweaving Principles.”  These are manifesting principles.  In the lessons, you will find where preconceived ideas may be holding you back from living a fuller life.  These principles will introduce you to consciousness expansion concepts, which you may have not experienced before.  Anyone who has previously taken Module 1 anytime in the past, is ready to go to Module 2.
Last week’s activities:
Last Tuesday, we continued with the “hold-backs”  to our manifestations.  We repeated the guided visualization in order to give those who had not received their “hold-back” a chance to do so.  This also gave the ones who had discovered their “hold-backs”, a chance to see if any progress had occurred.  Some great insights were brought up and discussed.  What was so interesting was what one person received rang a bell of recognition or inspiration for the others.  We will be taking the “hold-back” Opening to Receive, which came up last Tuesday, and working with it this next Tuesday.
Please come join in this Sacred Circle on Tuesday at 7pm!
Here is this week’s affirmation, on the theme “Opening to Receive” : 
“Opening to Receive”
In the Light of My Spirit, I am the Light.
In the Light of My Spirit, I consciously intend to Align my Mind to the
Wisdom of the Light to receive the Truth for me to Manifest.
In the Light of My Spirit, I consciously intend to Open my Heart to receive the Love of the Light, which will manifest Goodness in my life.
In the Light of My Spirit, I consciously intend to Fill my Body with the 
 Power of the Light, to bring forward effective, creative expressions in all I do.
And for this I give Great Thanks!  Aho!
If you would like to:
– Plant a Light Tree
– Schedule a Light-Balancing session, or
– Submit a request for the love and support in the Light of the Light Family,
 please e-mail me or call me at (850)443-3428.
Let us meet in the Light each day at noon for the White Light Send.
In the Wisdom, Love, and Power of the Light,