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Weekly Light Report 10/27/2016, Continuing our understanding of focused commitment for deeper connection for Tuesday’s Sacred Light Circle at 7pm.

Dear Light Family,
Upcoming Activities:
Tuesday’s Sacred Light Circle at 7 pm., Continuing with manifesting our heart’s desire, by discussing our hold-backs we discovered in last weeks guided visualization.  Plus, a process for experiencing a deeper connection.
Thursday’s noon meditation, we will open Circle at 12:15 pm to give you time to get there before we start.  This is a twenty-minute silent meditation.
The second Sunday in November, which will be the !3th, from 2 – 4 pm, we will be beginning Module 2 of the Light-Balancing Study Series, “The Lightweaving Principles.”  These are manifesting principles.  In the lessons, you will find where preconceived ideas may be holding you back from living a fuller life.  These principles will introduce you to consciousness expansion concepts, which you may have not experienced before.  Anyone who has previously taken Module 1 anytime in the past, is ready to go to Module 2.
I will be getting in touch with those of you in the other classes to schedule our next steps.
Last week’s activities:
For the last three Tuesdays, we have been working on manifesting our heart’s desires. The discussions have really been enlightening for all of us. One person would have an insight and others would say, “it was just what I needed to hear too!.”  We have gone over some of the action steps that people have been able to accomplish; giving them a sense of progress.  This past Tuesday we did a guided visualization for our “hold-backs”.  Each person received so much exciting information that the group decided to continue a discussion of these revelations next week.  Also, this week we will be doing a process for creating “a deeper conscious connection.”  The sponsoring Loved Ones in Light have given us the quote, “A focused commitment for a deeper connection in the spiritual; better understanding in the mental; greater serenity and inner peace for the emotional; and thus, more creative expressions in the physical.”
Please come join in this Sacred Circle on Tuesday!
Here is the affirmation that we are using:

An Affirmation for aligning the Wisdom, Love and Power

in our mental, emotional and physical bodies, respectively

In the Light of my Spirit, I am the Light.

In the Light of my Spirit, I align with the Wisdom of the Light for clarity and peace of mind.

In the Light of my Spirit, I align with the Love of the Light for filling my heart with a sense of

“I am loving and I am loved.” 

In the Light of my Spirit, I align my body with the Power of the Light for confidence in manifesting a fulfilling life.

And for this I give great thanks! Aho! 

If you would like to:
– Plant a Light Tree
– Schedule a Light-Balancing session, or
– Submit a request for the love and support in the Light of the Light Family,
 please e-mail me or call me at (850)443-3428.
Let us meet in the Light each day at noon for the White Light Send.
In the Wisdom, Love, and Power of the Light,