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Weekly Light Report for June 26, 2016

Dear Light Family,
For better ease of reading and clarity, I am going to reformat our Weekly  Light Report:
First, will be the ACTIVITIES FOR THE WEEK, so you can mark your calendars.
Tuesday’s Light Circle at 7pm.  We will have two important events at the Light Circle this week. The first will be planting Josette Capuano’s Light Tree. She has chosen #114, which is a very meaningful number.  It starts with the master number 11 and has the 4 of the four directions.  Then, it adds to 6, the sacred spiral.  The second event will be continuing our discussion of “The Importance of Loving Ourselves.” We didn’t have time to experience all the exercises planned, so we will continue them this week.  This is very important work for ourselves and those around us!
Thursday, noon meditation.  As conscious, effective Lightweavers, we have two activities now where we do the powerful Light Work of the White Light Send: Tuesday and Thursday.  The complete process is given on our new website-
There are no classes this week.  Have a great 4th of July!
Second, we will report THE EVENTS OF THE PAST WEEK:
We had two important additions to our “anchoring the Light on the planet” through our Light Tree Network.
On Monday, the Summer Solstice, we went out to FSU and planted Light Tree 100 at the Council Oak.   It was such a connective event.  We could each feel the Light coming in with the invocation and the laying of the stones for a Medicine Wheel surrounding the Council Oak.  At the closing, we each felt a love and gratitude coming from the tree, and felt the promise of a “new beginning” where more growth will fill the tree.  How wonderful to have this dedicated oak as our mile marker #100 on our Light Tree Network. Check our facebook, lightbalancingcenterfamily for further description and pictures.
Second was planting Light Tree #82 for Cathy Ray, who lives in VA.  Cathy chose 82, which adds to a 1, for a new beginning in a new home.  The impressions received were that there was a powerful old tree there that was re-ignited with the brilliant Light Beam that came in, and that it filled the house, and still, there was room for a lot of new growth in this “new beginning!”
Welcome to the Network, Light Trees 82 and 100.
If you would like to plant a Light Tree in your home, just let us know! It is marvelous support feeling the connections among this powerful Network. The Sponsors have said, “Please understand, every Light Tree is connected to all the other Light Tress, not just a sequential connection- that’s 100 to the 1ooth power! Can someone do the math!?  Also, as we envision the Light Trees, which are from Hawaii to Costa Rica to New York, we can see great roots of Light in the Mother, wonderful canopies of golden-white Light around the Mother, and great trunks of Light connecting these,  We also want to remember that we have a Light Tree planted in each of the Earth’s Chakras.  So they are all around the globe. And, actually, “in, on and around our Beloved Mother Earth!” If you would like more information, just call 850-4433428 or e-mail me.
Light-Balancing Sessions by appointment.   All healing is light-balancing, and all light-balancing is healing.  The healing is on all planes, spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.  Over the years, I have come to work more and more powerfully and closely with a Personal Angel Team and with amazing healing guides. The inner work on the spiritual, mental and emotional levels are necessary for a physical healing to hold.  This includes past life work, healing relationships in the Light, identifying and healing traumas on all these levels, and clearing unfinished work with loved ones who have passed.
Call or send an e-mail and we will schedule a time to sense into what would be helpful to you.  Sometimes, it takes a series of releasings.
Our facebook page is lightbalancingcenterfamily
And, for Light Requests, the facebook page is lightbalancingrequests.
We have a new website, which is being updated; still, it is a good place to refer people if they ask you about our Light Center and Light Family.  It does have the Weekly Light Reports, as does our facebook    It is
In the Light of my Spirit, I am the Light,
In the Light of my Spirit, I am the Love of the Light,
I open to the conscious recognition that I am Love and that I am Loving.
That as Love, I am never without Love,
That as Love, I have all the Love of the Light to share with others.
And, I recognize the Love of the Light in others, connecting with them in the Light!
And, for this I give great thanks! Aho!
In the Wisdom, Love and Power of the Light, Laura