Weekly Light Report – July 19, 2015

Dear Light Family!                       
(Affirmation at the end of the report)
Summer is here with full force! As my folks use to say, we’re in the dog days of summer. The really hot days of July and August.  I have heard two explanation of this.  Some say that it is because way back dogs would go mad in the summer.  The other sounds better, that it is the time when the constellation Sirius (the dog star) is most visible in the sky.  Either way, stay cool !
At this week’s Light Circle on Tuesday at 7pm, we will be working more deeply with “Remembering who we are.”   This is so basic to our Light-balancing work that it is important to get the understanding and practice down as completely as possible.
Also, we will be practicing a new breath exercise which helps give a quick balance in all our bodies.
And, remember our noon meditation on Thursday.  Hope that you found the explanation of the differences among meditation, guided visualization and drumming journeying, which I previously sent out, interesting and helpful.  If you missed it and want to refer to it, check our facebook page at lightbalancingcenterfamily.
 We are working on our webpage, and when it is up, we will have a lot of reference material on it, like how to plant a Light Tree, how to do the White Light Send, and some of the basics affirmations and techniques.
I did send out an update of the Light Tree list, and the information on how to plant a Light Tree. You can decide on your number, and call 224-4995, or drop an e-mail note to me and we’ll set up a time to plant your own personal Light Vortex in your home! We have over 100 Light Trees now! If you missed getting the information, just let me know and I will send it to you.
We will continue with the current classes in July, but not start a new series until fall. We have Light Step 3, this Thursday the 23rd. at 6pm.  And, thefinal lesson for the “Keepers of the Frequency” Class this Saturday the 25th at 1:30pm. This group will be receiving the class module certificate and their second level attunement.
  We will be taking the month of August off for vacation.  All activities at the Center will be closed.        Al and I will be traveling both on business for him, and to visit friends and family for almost the whole month.  We will be going all the way to Fargo, N. D. to visit a guitar maker that Al met at a class he went to in Portland, OR last year. This gentleman is also an anthropologist and knows many of the Native tribes there!  It will really be interesting and exciting to visit with some of these!
Light Requests:
Al and I would like to thank all of you again for the wonderful love and support in the Light that you have sent our way.  Al is out and about on one of his audit trips; gaining strength in his arm each day. I am pretty well back to my regular schedule. Have done two past lives regressions lately that were amazing.
Also, Light to Dove’s son Sasha and his wife who are expecting twins in July! As the mother of twins, I’ll send lots and lots of support for lots and lots of assistance for them! Will let you know when the twins come!
And, please continue to remember our loved one, Patti Friedman.  She has been diagnosed with cancer of the tongue. Her surgery is scheduled for this Wednesday the 22nd.  She will be going to Shands.  On Wednesday, please hold the Light that all working with her know what to do and do it perfectly. And, that her recovery is swift and smooth. Aho!
As a follow-up,  Leah Rains brother is doing really well now. And, for this we give great thanks! Aho!
If you have a Light Request, would like to schedule a Light Balancing Session or would like to plant a Light Tree, just send me an e-mail or call 850-224-4995.
Let us meet in the Light each day at noon for our White Light Send.
In the Wisdom, Love​,​ and Power of the Light,
Weekly Affirmation; 
In the Light of my Spirit, I am one with the Light.
In the Light of my Spirit, my mind is clear.
In the Light of my Spirit, my heart is loving.
In the Light of my Spirit, my body is empowered!
And, for this I give great thanks! Aho!