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Weekly Light Report – June 29, 2015

Dear Light Family!

(Affirmation at the end of the report)

What an amazing Light Circle we had last Tuesday! We had the great gift of Lydia Riedell leading us in some of the Qigong routines that she had been practicing at a conference she had just attended! Thank you, Lydia!
Lydia said that she will probably be teaching a class soon, and we’ll look forward to this! Also, once we have a group doing Qigong, we will see about doing a weekly practice, maybe Thursdays before the noon meditation. We’ll see how this develops. Spending time in Light Technique practice and meditation together is very re-enforcing to our holding our light balance!
Also, at last week’s Circle, we did a journey to get new inspirations for expanding a current light pattern. Some great new ideas emerged that people felt would really be effective to implement! For these wonderful gifts in the Light, we give great thanks! Aho!

At this week’s Light Circle on Tuesday at 7pm, we will be exploring new ways to work with our alignment wording of the Light Invocation. We have a new breath exercise to use with it to help anchor it more completely.
This is a powerful way of working out decision-making, which we are doing all the time. Big decisions or little decisions; having a feeling of clarity, purpose and empowerment makes our day go smoother. We combine the alignment with our decision-making steps, and this gives us a process to truly get some clear thoughts down on which to take Action Steps. All of our light-balancing processes are for us to move forward in becoming more conscious, effective Lightweavers, creating what we desire each day with great joy! Aho!

And, remember our noon meditation on Thursday. Hope that you found the explanation of the differences among meditation, guided visualization and drumming journeying, which I sent out last week, interesting and helpful. If you missed it and want to refer to it. Check our facebook page at lightfbalancingcenterfamily. We are working on our webpage, and when it is up, we will have a lot of reference material on it, like how to plant a Light Tree, how to do the White Light Send, and some of the basics affirmations and techniques.

And, I will still be getting out the updated Light Tree list and information on how to plant a Light Tree. You can decide on your number, and call 224-4995, or drop an e-mail note to me and we’ll set up a time to plant your own personal Light Vortex in your home!

The class last Thursday on Light Step Two was phenomenal! It seems like each time now that these Steps are presented, the experiences coming out of them gain in depth and power! Now that we are combining the development of using the energy of the Light as given in Reiki, along with our Light Balancing information, the ones participating are gaining ways to start working with the Light right now for themselves and others! At the end of the Light Step Module of 8 classes, the ones completing it will get a combination Reiki and Light Balancing Level One Attunement. Time is of the essence for all of us to become effective in our Light Work right now, each day!

We will continue with the current classes in July, but not start a new series until fall. We will be taking the month of August off for vacation. Al and I will be traveling both on business for him, and to visit family for almost the whole month. We will be going all the way to Fargo, N. D. to visit a guitar maker that Al met at a class he went to in Portland, OR last year. This gentleman is also an anthropologist and knows many of the Native tribes there! It will really be interesting and exciting to visit with some of these!

Light Requests:
Al and I want to thank all of you for the wonderful love and support in the Light that you sent our way. When I went back to the doctor for my one week check up on the cataract surgery. He said for all intents and purposes, it was healed. He was amazed!
Please send the love and support of the Light to Sheila Mac’s daughter. Sheila is a friend of Dove Ernst. We sent the Light to them last week from Circle, and the next day she called Dove and said that she felt it!
Also, Light to Dove’s son Sasha and his wife who are expecting twins in July! As the mother of twins, I’ll send lots and lots of support for lots and lots of assistance for them!
And,please continue to remember our loved one, Patti Friedman. She has been diagnosed with cancer of the tongue. She is pursuing mainstream help and is also looking into alternatives, and we know the love and support of the Light is always there for us all!

If you have a Light Request, would like to schedule a Light Balancing Session or would like to plant a Light Tree, just send me an e-mail or call.

Let us meet in the Light each day at noon for our White Light Send.

In the Wisdom, Love and Power of the Light, Laura

Weekly Affirmation; (the alignment affirmation that we will be working with on Tuesday at Circle.)

The pure White Light of the SourceLight surrounds me.
Only the Wisdom, the Love, and the Power of the Light can come to me/
And, only truth, goodness and beauty shall go from me.
I am in the Light, and the Light is in me.
I am the Light! All is the Light!
And, for this I give great thanks! Aho!

Weekly Light – June 21, 2015

Dear Light Family!

(Affirmation at the end of the report)

What an amazing Light Circle we had last Tuesday with the planting of Light Tree #101 for Carrie Ann Baade!
Carrie Ann brought a group of her fantastic art students, and they drew marvelous depictions of their visions! What a powerful happening and sharing! Our Grandmother Guide prepared the area with energy for it to be ready to receive the Light Tree!
I know that there are a number of you wanting to plant Light Trees, so I will be sending out an updated version of the Light Tree list, in order for you to pick a number, along with the information about planting the Light Trees. Watch for it later this week.

At this week’s Light Circle on Tuesday at 7pm, we will be exploring new ways to expand a current Light Pattern. What we mean by this is, say, you have a Light Pattern that you feel you feel is not just where you would like it to be. This could be wanting a new job, a new home, a new relationship, more education. Any type of Light Pattern. In situations like this, we often find ourselves limiting ourselves to a this or that; only consideration two possibilities. In Lightweaving, we know that the possibilities are almost infinite! So, we open ourselves to bigger thinking and bringing in possibilities that we maybe have been blocking from some preconceived limitation. This is part of one of our Lightweaving Principles exercises; still, we can explore it on a Tuesday evening. Maybe get you interested in taking the Lightweaving Principles!
Come, let’s explore together!

Also, this week, we are offering two presentations of Light Step Two of “Steps along the Light Path.” The first will be Thursday evening, the 25th at 6pm, and the second Sunday the 28th at 1:30pm. Those of you who are ready to move up the spiraling Light Path to the second step can choose which one you would like to attend.

Light Requests:
Please remember Al and I both in the love and support of the Light. Al had nerve surgery on his arm, and I had eye surgery. We are both doing well. Resting and recovering. Your White Light Send would mean a lot to us.
Also, please remember a friend of ours, Carol Marchant. She had surgery this week also. And, is home resting and recovering. She sent a note saying that this quiet time has brought on a time of cleansing tears after losing her Mother last month. So, let’s send love and support to Carol and her brother Ray.
And, let’s send a great big Lightweavers’ congratulations and bon voyage to Carrie Ann Baade as she goes to Europe to teach for 8 weeks. We see her journey all in the Light, and her time there an inspirational experience for all!

If you have a Light Request, would like to schedule a Light Balancing Session or would like to plant a Light Tree, just send me an e-mail or call.

Let us meet in the Light each day at noon for our White Light Send.

In the Wisdom, Love and Power of the Light,


Weekly Affirmation; (this is an affirmation from the Light Steps):

As a Loved One expanding into understanding Lightweaving more.
I am emerging as a more conscious, effective Lightweaver.
I am becoming more aware of my SouceLight oneness;
my mental clarity; my emotional lovingness, and my
physical empowerment!
And, for this I give great thanks! Aho!

Weekly Light Report – June 5, 2015

Dear Light Family, (affirmation at the end)
I am getting this Light Report out early as Al and I will be leaving on Sunday to meet his daughter’s family at Pensacola Beach. They live in Portland, OR, and it is always a big event when they can come here, or we can get out there. His daughter has two girls, 8 and 11, which is that magical age where having fun just right there, right now!
We will be gone for five days. Angie Calhoun has so graciously offered to help “hold the time, hold the space and anchor the Light” for our Tuesday Light Circle. Angie has been in Lightweaving for quite a while now, and knows the Light Techniques. She always does an effective and powerful Circle on Tuesdays, with some special techniques and sharings. I will join you all in spirit! Even when I am away; knowing the Circle is there is meaningful!

Also, the Thursday noon meditation will be held as usual. Eileen and Rob Smith will be there for the Thursday meditation. As we have said, this is an effective way to renew in the middle of the week!

Two sessions of Light Step Two will be offered. One on Thursday the 25th at 6pm, and one on Sunday the 28th at 1:30pm. I’ll be in touch with those of you ready to move on up the Light Path. Some of you took the first step a while back, and this would be a good opportunity to move on!

Also, I will be working with the others of you on the various steps!

Each day now, I become more and more aware of how connected we are to the “Cosmic Clockwork!”
And, as more and more of us start creating the Light Circles each day, and planting Light Trees, we are making a big difference for ourselves, others and our Beloved Mother Earth

And, another part of this is our White Light Send! I am being able to feel more of you in the Light each day at noon as we gather for our Light Blessing around our Beloved Mother Earth!
Have a wonderful week!
In the Wisdom, Love and Power of the Light,


Affirmation: (As you say the affirmation out loud, feel your balance better through the alignment of all the bodies!)

As a Loved One, I am becoming more aware of my SourceLight Oneness; (spiritual)
I am becoming more knowing of mental clarity; (mental)
I am growing in the feeling of being love and being loved; and (emotional)
I am using my empowerment more effectively each day! (physical)
And, for this I give great thanks! Aho!