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Weekly Light Report – May 25, 2015

Dear Light Family
(Weekly Affirmation at the end of this note.)

With a number of new people taking the lessons of “Steps along the Light Path,” Tuesday evenings become a very important time to share the experiences from what is learned in the classes. Each week, we want to discuss further the concepts in the classes and practice some of the Light Techniques. We want Tuesdays to be a time where you know that something meaningful has happened when you participate in the energy of the evening!

Each week now, we are truly enjoying sharing at the Light Circle. Getting together each week to “Hold the time, hold the space, and anchor the Light” has really been gaining extra meaning! We are there for each other and our Beloved Mother Earth!

At last week’s Light Circle we had the most amazing time! We did a drumming journey on insights into our victim consciousness. This area holds us back more in life than almost anything else. Some powerful insights were received. As with all journeys, when personal information comes up, one is not expected to share this unless they want to; maybe for some group thoughts on certain parts.

At this week’s Light Circle on Tuesday at 7 pm, we will be doing a drumming journey to see what our guides want to tell us on “The Whole and differentiation.” This concept will work in well with our insights on “Embracing Your Wholeness Now!” We are really moving forward now in getting new insights each week and being there to discuss and support each other. Come join in this great way to get insights, and in doing our weekly Light Work for ourselves, others and our Beloved Mother Earth!

Our Tuesday Circles are very important to our Light Mission. Each week, we rededicate our space at the Center. Thank the Sponsors for holding the space. Practice some Light Techniques. Do a meditation into the Stillness/basking in the Light, or a Drumming Journey. Check in with each other. Do some Light healing for each other as requested. Send out the White Light over our Beloved Mother Earth. We are a powerful thread on the global Light Network, along with our 100 Light Trees! Each Light Tree forms its own vortex anchor on the global Light Network! Aho!

Remember the noon meditation each Thursday! It is an opportunity for a midweek renewing that we give ourselves as a group! The meditation garden continues to look beautiful. The colorful spring flowers are doing well! So, come by and sit in the peacefulness of the garden and meditate, any time that you like. Sometimes, if the weather is nice, we even do the Thursday Meditation in the garden.

We started the new “Steps along the Light Path” with Light Step One last Thursday, May the 21st, at 6:30pm. It was a wonderful class! So exciting to see “Loved Ones” as the Sponsors call us all, opening to the expansive concepts of the Light Language and practice the Light Techniques! Just by setting up our Light Circles, we have given ourselves and the world around us the gift of good; a connection to the Wisdom, Love and Power of the Light! The next step along the Path is scheduled at the current class. We have a number of the Light Family moving along the various steps. This way, each one can move at their own speed.

If you would like to make a Light Request, schedule a Light Healing Session, or plant a Light Tree, just let me know at this e-mail address or call.

See you in the Light each day at noon for our White Light Send! Those of you with Light Trees, this is the perfect time to have a synergistic connection going with others who have Light Trees to “water your Light Tree!” And, we know that as we do the White Light Send, we join all the others in the Global Light Network! And, when possible, continue on into a quiet meditation and listening time. The instructions for this are given in Light Step One of the “Steps along the Light Path Series.” Light Step One also has how to work with the Light Invocation that we set up around us each day, and by intent, live the light reality of our choice!

In the Wisdom, Love, and Power of the Light,


Affirmation- (working with Wholeness and differentiation)

In the Light of my Spirit, I am whole in the Light; and am endowed to express uniquely as me! (spiritual)

In the Light of my Spirit, I am whole in the Wisdom of the Light; and bring this Wisdom forward as truth. (mental)

In the Light of my Spirit, I am whole in the Love of the Light; and bring this Love forward as goodness. (emotional)

In the Light of my Spirit, I am whole in the Power of the Light; and bring this Power forward as beauty. (physical)

And, for this, I give great thanks! Aho!