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Weekly Light Report – June 22, 2015

Dear Light Family,

The change of the Solar Cycle with the Summer Solstice over the weekend was very powerful! You can truly feel the change from the East- Spring to the South – Summer! Summer is the time of high energy; lots of activity, carrying out what we started in the Spring. The wonderful White Wolf holds the Fire of the South, so this is a good time to use this Fire to “take our power; make our changes” as our Grandmother Guide says. Use this powerful time to align – light balance – heal!
At last Tuesday’s Light Circle, we did a drumming journey to sense into the changes coming with the Summer Solstice. Some meaningful answers were received; particularly relating to taking ones power and making specific changes. Often, we just need to focus and “give ourselves permission” to have these changes. I cited this before, and it seems to fit here. A quote from our Grandfather Guide to me one time was, “What good are you denying yourself?” Thank you for these words of wisdom, Grandfather!

At this week’s Light Circle on Tuesday at 7pm, we will be doing Light Balancing Sessions for each other. For those of you moving along on the Light Steps, you will get your first initiation after Light Step Eight, so we want to have some time to practice bringing in the Light for others. And, the Light Center is so fortunate to have a magnificent group of developing Light Balancing Masters! The Inner Planes just keeps cheering as we are moving on with our “anchoring the Light” in all our activities! Also on Tuesday, we will release the visualizations as the New Moon is on Friday the 27th. Look forward to sharing with you Tuesday!
And, this Sunday, the 29th, is our next Light Step One at 2pm. This is the powerful intent step that gets you started on the spiraling Light Path! From learning the Light Language to consciously setting up a dedicated Light Reality, you will be powerfully moved up into a new place of well-being! In order to facilitate as many getting this first step as possible, there will only be a $20 fee to cover some of the center and materials costs. And, if you need to work out an exchange, let me know.
Do visit the garden! A number have brought lovely plants to add! Many of these have been ones that the butterflies love. Terra planted a lovely butterfly bush by the front door, so as you come in notice the beautiful purple blooms and the many butterflies gathering!
If you have a Light Request, would like to schedule a Light Balancing/Healing Session, or would like to plant a Light Tree, just send an e-mail or call. Please understand, a Light Balancing Session works on all levels: spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical, and since it is done in the Light, it transcends time and space. You can work on clearing childhood pains, residues from old relationships, visit loved ones in the Light, and even do what is call regressions. It is all part of our Light Balancing!
See you in the Light each day at noon for our White Light Send. remembering our Light Tree Network as part of the Global Light Network!
In the Wisdom, Love, and Power of the Light, Laura