Welcome Dear Fellow Light-Weavers!

This website is dedicated to each of us “Remembering Who We Are!” –The Light Within!

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And, with that we can “Be Happy, Healthy and Helpful!” A direct quote from what I call our “Sponsoring Loved Ones in Light,” who you will learn more about as you read the information in this website!

These 3-H’s, I feel each of us truly wants to create in our lives!

How I came to the insights given in this website is given in the “History” tab.  The “About Us” gives the services that we want to bring to you.  The “Remote Activities” gives four things that you can do now to help yourself, others and our Beloved Mother Earth!

There is a Weekly Report giving activities at the Center in the Tallahassee, FL area if you are near there. There is a blog and a way to contact us and leave your thoughts and comments.

If you want to learn more about the complete Lightweaving Process of “Light-Nourishing to bring about Light-Balancing, which brings about conscious, effective Light-Weaving in our lives,” we are working on a set of e-courses that will lead you step by step up the Spiraling Light Path! Yes, we are all on an “ascension career” to move into higher and higher light frequencies, long after we have finished our experiencing here now!

Again, welcome to the exciting adventure of “conscious, effective Light-Weaving!”